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5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My First Business

Why 90% of Startups Fail and How to Join in the 10% that Don’t.

That said, the first thing is positioning yourself as an expert.

Now, we’ve all heard about it that you need to have some sort of authority. If you are going to be the person who is there to help your customer,


you need to present yourself in a professional manner.

So in that way, you need to have your voice, clearly heard, right. When you speak, and one of the best ways to really have your voice heard, is to have a purpose, to serve a cause that is bigger than yourself. Whatever it is that you do, you need to have a reason to do it.

That is much bigger than you.

Right, because people want a cause, and this is why I have talked before about knowing your why, knowing why you want to do what you do, allows you to connect with other people who believe in what you do.

One of the biggest things that I believe in myself that I really want to change about this world that has really kept me

so frustrated,

it has put me in such a bad place.

And I’ve watched so many people struggle, is that our world needs to change…

we need to live it better than the way it is.

You know, the state of the way things are is not enough.

A lot of people need help and they’re not getting it, you know. And so, I believe it is my duty to leave my community, my family, and more importantly my country, in a place that is better than the way I found it.

And that is what’s driving me.

That is what is making me do all this, even when I’m nervous, even when I don’t have anything valuable to share.

That is why I research and find what I want to share with you now.

Secondly, You need to know your customers

PQR2. This is the acronym for Problems, Questions, Roadblocks, and Results.

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Knowing these things really really allows you to be able to help others.


So you want to build a business but it’s more than just money, it’s about people. You need to know the problems that people have that you can help them. You’re alive you have talent. Maybe it’s music.

Right. It’s painting.

Or maybe it’s just writing really really good content that can inspire actions, and it’s teaching, whatever it is, you need to know the problem that people have that you can help them with. Right.

The next thing is,

you need to know the questions that people have on their minds.

What’s stressing them up that you can help them with.

They need to be related, the problems and the questions need to be related.

The next thing is you need to know the roadblocks that have been holding people back from getting the things in life that they’re really so in need.


And so by knowing the roadblocks that keep people from getting the results they want. Sometimes just motivation, sometimes just someone else believing in them.

And sometimes it’s just a little encouragement, telling them, hey, I’ve done that.

This is how I did it.

And this is how you can do it.

And finally, the results.

If you can get someone the result that they want.

You need to show them that you can get them those results. And the best way to do this is a testimonial.


So being able to know your customer's Problems, Questions, Roadblocks, and Results, allows you to serve them in a much more meaningful way.

The third is traffic.

By traffic, what we mean is the people who you want to help your customers. Right. This is traffic.

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You need to know where they are, where do they hang around on the internet.

Who, what influencers do they follow.

Right, what kind of content, do they like.

By knowing where your customers, or your prospective customers are allows you to go and find them and talk to them directly, without spending a tonne of money driving ads.

For example,

if you go to Facebook groups, and you look for the type of problem you want to solve. Or you look for the type of results that your customers want you to find a group those groups will likely contain the people you want to help. So you need to know where your customers are,

but more importantly, is forums, I mentioned Facebook there are forums.

There is Reddit, there is, Quora.

The is yahoo answers.

There are so many platforms out there. It’s just a matter of finding where they are. And the best part is, once you know the Problems, Questions, Roadblocks, and Results.

It’s just a matter of looking for people who are looking to have those things, sold for them.

Next, your email list.

So, knowing how to build an email list allows you to build an asset when I was starting.

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All I did was have customers but I never had an email list. Now I was lucky because one of my first proper, revenue-generating business essentially was photography.

And so all my customers were very much linked with me, but I had a lot of people who were interested, and they’ll go to my website and they’ll see it, and I never had a way of capturing emails because I never understood the importance.

But what I have learned is,

when building a business, the money is in building an email list.

You need to build a list of customers and prospects, because when someone tries to buy your product. They may have second doubts or thoughts, or they may not be sure of, whether you know they’ll get the results they want by purchasing products and being able to follow up with them.

That’s how you close a deal and really build trust. That’s how you help them get the results they want. And that is how you’re able to make more from the same customer, because of our problems and not just one problem. There are many.

We need a lot of things to sustain ourselves.

We have so many needs.

And they always, some of them repeat themselves right


Fifth, you need a product,

now as I mentioned before here right you have an email list, you need products and by product what I mean is you need other people’s products you don’t have to create everything.

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If there’s a product that you use and you get really good results with it.

Refer that to your customers. By using an affiliate network, you can get links that allow you to promote other people’s proven products and get money from that.

The best part is, you don’t have to worry about doing all the customer services.

And by not having to worry about that means that you can promote products that help your customer, adding more value to your customers, making their life easier, solving their problems, their questions, and their roadblocks.

They’ll, thank you for that.

But you would have done very minimal work. All you did was refer them to something that you knew they needed because you understood the problems they have

And Finally which is a bonus tip is you need to create an offer for your audience.

If you’re going to sell your own products.

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You need to build an offer and the difference between an offer, and a product that it took me a little learning to understand is that a product is a singular thing.

For example, if you’re selling a…

let’s say you’re selling a pen, a very nice expensive pen.

That is a single product, but it can be made into an offer if that pen comes with extra cartilage of ink.

And it also comes with maybe a smaller notebook for writing, etc.

by having an offer. It helps build up the value. Here is a really good example of an offer.

Offer Example

But the idea there is you give as much value to your audience as possible. And the reason why you want to give them as much value as possible, is you want them to like you.

But you also want them to act and get the result.

And so in conclusion.

What I want to say there is, you need to position yourself as an expert.

You need to solve your customer's problems, questions, roadblocks and help them get the results that they want.

You need to know where your traffic is knowing your traffic source, where they’re coming from, allow you to go to them, and talk to them much more easier.

You need to build very important assets such as email list building an email list to help you navigate the troubles that come with trying to find new customers fast every single time.

And finally, promoting other people’s products could also mean that you could gain more resources, without having to go and create products every single time you need to promote something.

The final bonus is making bonuses, make irresistible offers.

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