WARNING: Don’t Even Think About Trying To Get Customers Without Going Broke Buying Ads Until You Read This

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whether you want more clicks, more views, more sales, or just more profits.

How you get traffic

…and the way you go about getting traffic is very important.

Today we’re going to be talking about traffic. And more specifically,

how to turn traffic we don’t own into traffic that we own.

Now, before I get into that.

We all know that there are several types of traffic. That is the traffic that we own and control, and it’s traffic that we don’t own and control.

Russell usually refers to traffic that we don’t own as traffic that we borrow, and the way he describes it is when you go and you purchase an ad on a very specific social media,

or Google or YouTube.

When you purchase an ad,

you’re borrowing, access to those people.

To those views, right, you are buying, access, and that is we have no control over that traffic, and so we purchase it.

And the goal for all marketers yourself, myself included, is to turn traffic we don’t own into traffic that we own and the way we do that is by building an email list, which will be a list of prospects who have an interest in our product or service services.

And so,

to turn traffic we don’t own traffic into that we own, we first need to understand the sources of traffic.

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We know that we can’t create traffic.

Traffic is already there,

the people who we want to buy our products and services are already on specific platforms they’re already using social media channels they’re already watching YouTube videos or Instagrams or Snapchat or YouTube, whatever it is that they’re using.

We know they’re already on those platforms.

And the goal is to get them from where they are, where they’re engaging with their friends family, and everyone else, and get them to come to our pages landing pages a website and click and take the appropriate action,

because that’s what we want, we want them to take an action.


I mentioned that there’s a lot of, you know, sources of traffic, blog posts, podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, some unconventional sources of traffic, and also be Quora questions.

Yahoo Answers,

Reddit, and I was even heard someone say is saying Craigslist.

So there really is a lot of, sources of traffic,

but the source of traffic.

What I want to focus on today is Solo ads and Solo Swaps. Oh, as they’re called, Swaps.

Now, I want to talk about these as they’re less common,

but they’re just as important in getting you from ground zero up and running. They also refer to as fast traffic, because not only can you also get, those traffic for free, where you can get them much faster.

In a few days, like, in a week or less, as opposed to when you’re running, you know, your campaigns on other platforms, you have to give them time to build up that momentum to build up those views, so more people can see your content.

Now, when it comes to Solo Ads and Swaps, which by the way, Swaps are the free version of Solo ads.

So these are essentially when you got someone, let’s say who has a blog, and you decide that you want to buy clicks from their list.

And instead of buying views you buy clicks,

so they’ll email your product or services,

or whatever you have to offer to their email list, and then every time someone clicks, at your link, you pay for that click.

And in some cases, you can swap.


if you have a smaller list,

and they have a small list, you can swap so you know,

they can send traffic to your product and you can send traffic to their product, and vice versa, so you can decide how many clicks you want to swap with each other.


this can be a very very fast way of growing at the beginning to grow your audience,

and can also be very cheap and very effective because you are not buying views you’re buying clicks,

whereas other media or other forms of, advertising may require that you purchase clicks, sorry purchase views.


That said,

the two of the very, user-friendly places, especially if you’re beginning, and one of them is

safe swap, where you can go and swap, so add or there is

Udimi, where you can go and also find people who have a list, and you know, do solo ads purchases or subs and all those good stuff.

So I wanted to share that with you here today. And aside from that, that is what I’m going to keep this on for today for on traffic, and I will talk to you tomorrow on our next episode.




If you want more, clicks, more sales ad more profits… Follow me, let’s learn how to build a successful online business, so we can live life on our own terms.

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If you want more, clicks, more sales ad more profits… Follow me, let’s learn how to build a successful online business, so we can live life on our own terms.

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